S-Series Truck Hood Latch Guard

NOTICE I've stopped making these now.

This is a guard I designed to protect the hood latch on my 1991 GMC Syclone. In stock form, you can easily pop the hood from the outside with a screwdriver or similar tool. While working on my 93 S-10, I found that this was often easier than going all the way around and popping the hood from the cab.

I didn't like the thought of someone else being able to get into my trucks this easily, so I came up with a way to make it a little harder for a wouldbe thief to get at the engine compartment. The guard is nothing fancy. It's simply a bent piece of sheet metal ducting with rounded edges and a hole. Anyone with a few simple tools, some extra material, and a little bit of time could make one. Since not everyone has access to all of these, I've made a few to sell. If you want one, you can PayPal (free account, and they give you $5 if you do some other stuff) $10 for each one to invisibill@invisibill.net. I get an email with the sender's registered address whenever money is sent to my account, and I'll try to ship it out by the next day. If you need to send cash or a money order, click the button below for the address. The price includes UPS or USPS shipping to the continental US (Alaska looks fine too on initial investigation) from Michigan.


To install the guard, you simply remove the 10mm bolt from the front of the hood latch and replace it through the hole in the guard. If it's still a bit confusing, I include step by step instructions with the above pictures for reference. The guard fits on my Sy and my S-10, and should fit on any earlier S-truck with the same latch. It may also work on newer S-trucks or other vehicles, but I haven't done any testing. If you've tried it on something else successfully, let me know. The guard isn't going to make your truck impenetrable, but it will slow down or deter someone.

NOTICE I've stopped making these now. You can find a copy of the template I used here if you want to make your own.

Bill Talcott
Syclone 1456
1993 S-10 Tahoe ext cab 4x4